Under Canvas is the ultimate glamping (glamorous camping) experience. We went to the one in the Smokey Mountains in Knoxville, TN. They have several more locations, largely in the western United States near other national forests. Under Canvas is basically a hotel that just happens to be in tents. There’s a lobby, complete with complimentary coffee or tea and a 24hr restaurant. There are bathrooms and running water. You don't have to worry about setting up a tent (but there also isn't any wifi or cell service). It's definitely a place you can feel comfortable even if you aren't keen on roughing it outside. 
There are a couple of tent options you can choose from with the biggest difference being if you have a private bathroom or shared. We went with the shared bathroom option and it was still really nice. Our tent was just up the pathway from the main, restaurant/lobby tent. It was on a wooden platform and tall enough for us to stand in (even my 6ft+ husband). It has a king size bed with the most comfortable blankets and pillows, as well as a sitting area inside and a wood burning heater. We never ended up needing to use our heater because the blankets on the bed kept us plenty warm but we did turn on our fans for some extra white noise at night. Every tent has a small porch on the front with chairs, and extra firewood. The share bathroom was actually a lot more private than I expected it to be. There’s a large building in the middle of camp with individual rooms each having a flushing toilet, showers, sink and mirror. They provide towels and keep everything really clean in the whole camp. 
During our stay, we went for a short hike in The Great Smokey Mountains to a waterfall, Grotto Falls, which is the only waterfall in the Smokey’s that you can go behind. Before we left we picked up boxed lunches the Under Canvas restaurant packed for us and ate them at the waterfall. (I got the charcuterie lunch and 10/10 recommend it.) 
Hiking is a definite must when staying here but there are also a ton of things to do on camp. They have a volleyball net set up, tons of yard games just outside the main tent, fire pits, board games and some really pretty land to explore. This is a place you could go alone to get away or with a large group (like we did) and still have a really good time. 
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