I've never seen such an Instagram worthy hotel. The Graduate Hotel: Nashville is truly beautiful from top to bottom and every inch in between.  During my time there I was taking notes on ideas of how I want my house to look someday, with the large windows and ornate patterns done just right so that it's not too much. A vibe that makes you feel like you're in a palace yet still welcoming and warm. All of this is pretty obvious from photos you'll see here or on their website, however there were a few other things I wished I had known before going. 
When we arrived we found the lot for parking completely full, so we went to valet and found out it was $40 a day. Having to valet park is pretty normal in a big city but it's usually free with a stay at the hotel or more like $5 a day, so we weren't really keen on paying the extra surprise cost. The valet told us that there were some free street spots on the other side of the valet lot. We just have to move our car before 8am to the hotel lot so we don't get ticketed (which was super nice of him to tell us and that is what we ended up doing.) but it did put a damper on things that our first impression of the hotel we had such big hopes for wasn't so great. 
We got to our room and found it breathtaking. Like I said, it is a gorgeous  space with glitter wallpaper in the halls, gold frames around every mirror and even the pulls on the dresser were little golden squirrels. 
We had breakfast at the coffee shop downstairs the next morning. There's so much light that comes into that lobby as the sun rises, it's impossible to not wake right up! Mason confirmed that the coffee was good and I can confirm that the açaí bowl was as well. They have a great space to work right off the coffee bar that has tons of seating and outlets available. 
Going to the rooftop pool was next on our list. Turns out you need a reservation to go to the pool, even if no one's there and it costs $30. That really caught me off guard, I thought pool access just kinda came with staying in one of the rooms, but I guess not at The Graduate. The staff was (again) super nice and let us take a peak in the pool area which was amazing! It has hot pink umbrellas to block the sun from the pink floral  seating areas and a giant statue of Dolly Parton's head made of pink chicken wire (weird but cool). We definitely didn't think that it was worth it to pay $30 to sit at the pool for half an hour but I could see it being worth it if you came with a bachelorette party and it was part of the plan.
Overall my time there was a 6/10. It's the most beautiful hotel I've been to, but that can't make up for all the hidden costs and required reservations we didn't see any information about ahead of time. I think you could definitely have an amazing time there if you know about all of this ahead of time, so I hope my review will help you with that.  
P.S. The restaurant upstairs also books out it's reservations months in advance so I recommend making one as soon as you can. It's also stunning!  
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