My sister, Chaela, and I are very close. We’ve (obviously) grown up together but we were also roommates in college for a couple of years and have worked together (or at the same place) for nearly every job we've had. We know a lot of the same people and have had a lot of the same experiences and have bonded over them. 
With all of these similarities we couldn’t just give normal Christmas presents to each other. Instead, we 've come up with a new twist on Christmas gifts that makes it a little more fun and interactive. 
We always ask for clothes from each other because we know each other’s style so well. It's like getting everything you wanted but didn’t even know existed. To make this gift of clothes more interesting each sister gets the other 6 items. The gift receiver then tasked chooses which 3 they want to keep and which 3 go back to the receiver. 
You're allowed to try on all of the pieces and get advice from the other family members on Christmas morning. This is so much fun because when you're the receiver you get to pick which items you like the best (sometimes it is a hard decision) and if you're the giver, you get the 3 items the other sister didn’t want (our styles are similar enough that this works out for us). It's fun to see what we've found that crosses between our styles and see what your sister picks. It's also a good idea if you're not 100% sure what to get for someone, that way they get to pick! 
If you have a sister I would totally recommend this, or maybe even change it up and do jewelry or nail polish, or even find something to get your brother (I don’t have any ideas for that one.) We like to keep things intresting and do things a little bit differently but this is one of my favorite traditions. 
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