Hey Lovelies! Like most of you I'm all about fun experiences. I love bringing my friends to the city and showing them all the coolest things, the Ponce City Roof Top Igloos definitely make it onto that list. 
These little pockets of magic are a great way to show off the skyline of Atlanta, while keeping warm, and munching on some amazing food. They each hold up to 8 people and are community style. This means that you can share these spaces with new friends if they are booked at the same time as you. You can reserve your spot in 2 hour increments for $37.50 which includes a s’mores bar and full access to ordering drinks and food from the 9 Mile Station restaurant (amazing food TBH). 
My favorite igloo is the "Group Chat" Experience. It has tons of furry white seats and would be the perfect place to take a few cute photos while sharing some quality time with your friends. They all overlook the city and light up at night to add to the coziness of your stay. 
Opening to the public on Thanksgiving Day, so make some time in your holiday schedule to enjoy the view. 
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